Data sharing, Ecosystem-based approach, General, Monitoring and evaluation, Ocean governance, Project inception phase, Science policy interface, Sustainable blue economy

Report from the Opening Conference

The Opening Conference of the Emerging Ecosystem-based Maritime Spatial Planning Topics in North and Baltic Sea Regions (eMSP NBSR) project was held on 22nd February 2022, as an online event. More than 250 people from more than 24 countries participated in the event.

The main aim of the Conference was to introduce the topics and working methods of the eMSP NBSR project to a broader audience, as well as to discuss opportunities of various types of stakeholders to become involved in project activities.

The Opening Conference of the eMSP NBSR project introduced:

  • the Communities of Practice (CoP) partners are building within learning strands presenting five emerging MSP topics:
    1. Ocean governance
    2. Ecosystem-based approach
    3. Sustainable blue economy
    4. Monitoring and evaluation
    5. Data sharing, information and communication technology serving MSP.
  • the Scientific Advisory Board facilitating the policy–knowledge interaction throughout the project by providing scientific advice in the learning strands and establishing a project scientific advisory board;
  • extended and in-depth knowledge on the Green Deal aspects and Climate Change related challenges to be considered in MSP.

Report from the Opening Conference summarizes the various sessions and main takeaways of the conference. Read it here.

The Opening Conference was organised by the Maritime Institute of the Gdynia Maritime University (Poland), VASAB Secretariat (Latvia) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency – RVO.

Project has been approved by the European Commission European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency. Project is financed with the contribution of the European Union.