Report and visual glimpse from eMSP NBSR at EMD 2024

This year the eMSP NBSR project participated in the European Maritime Day – workshop “eMSP in a nutshell” took place on 31 of May in Svendborg, Denmark.

Overarching theme of the workshop was on the transitions in European sea basins aiming at the energy, nature and food transitions under the European Green Deal, and which ideally should be realised in coherent and innovative way. That’s why eMSP NBSR project presented own results and recommendations in various topics to discuss with participants – what roles there are for MSP?

What started at the workshop with the pitches on MSP themes Sustainable Blue Economy, Ecosystem-based Approach, Monitoring and evaluation, Climate Change/Climate-smart MSP, Community Of Practice, was challenged and discussed by the workshop participants with reflecions on the statements like, for example:

  • Ecosystem-based management – a way to reconcile between humanity and nature.

  • A SBE aims to integrate all challenges and opportunities in a coherent marine spatial plan. Therefore, zones for commercial production and innovation is a must, and multi-use of space should be mandatory, single use, forbidden apart from MPA’s.

  • Given the many changes MSP is currently faced with, what is the most important aspect M&E should concentrate on?

  • What do we need to have climate-smart MSP?

  • What is most important to make a Community of Practice work?


What would you answer? Find summary report from the workshop here.

Get your copy of our policy briefs to read all the recommendations at our Results page: 

Finally, you can see a glimpse from the European Maritime Day 2024 and eMSP NBSR participation in short video:

Prepared by Margarita Vološina, VASAB Secretariat, June 2024.