Register now for the Final Conference of the eMSP NBSR project

The eMSP NBSR project invites you to the Final Conference “Enhancing MSP through Integration and Collaboration, and Connecting MSP across the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Beyond” which will take place face-to-face on 31 January – 1 February 2024 in Gdansk, Poland.

Implementation phase of maritime spatial plans across Europe aligned with a turbulent time with many emerging challenges and challenging agreements. However, our strive towards sustainable, coherent and innovative MSP (across borders, sectors and levels) was fuelling our collaboration and will be reflected in our results.

After 2,5 years in joint work between maritime spatial planners, researchers, managing authorities and policymakers from the North and Baltic Sea Regions we want to share our findings in 5 emerging topics [Ocean governance, Ecosystem-based approach, Sustainable blue economy, Monitoring and evaluation, Data sharing] and 2 cross-cutting themes [Climate Change and European Green Deal].

We will also acclaim a Community of Practice approach which allowed to deepen knowledge and formulate recommendations for various stakeholders of MSP. Last but not least we will exchange on solutions with fellow MSP projects and experts beyond two sea-basins for the future of MSP through integration and collaboration.

Please register here before 9 January 2024.


More information on the Final Conference is here.


Prepared by Margarita Vološina (VASAB Secretariat) October, 2023