Ocean Governance Learning Strand will explore and share MSP solutions and best practices – in the context of ocean governance – in order to raise level of knowledge among the project partners and potentially for nations and oceanic areas elsewhere. This could include looking at sustainable solutions and how to apply the UN guidelines for transboundary cooperation on ecosystem-based MSP, in the North & Baltic Sea regions. Multilevel governance nationally and in a transboundary setting, including both EU and non-EU cooperation.

Join the Community of Practice on Ocean Governance to share your knowledge and experience on governing the ocean resources and mitigating existing and potential transboundary issues related to the definition of Ocean Governance!


  • Identify and define key concepts for the project (i.e. Governance).
  • Identify common transboundary issues related to ocean governance across the land-sea and other boundaries (i.e. multi-use).
  • Identify governance and stakeholders structures and tools needed to implement the Green Deal and climate policies in MSP.

Ready Results

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