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More CoP meetings are upcoming – save the dates!

In the upcoming months all Learning Strands of the eMSP NBSR will have meetings of their Communities of Practice – don’t miss your opportunity to participate and to contribute to the development of Maritime Spatial Planning within present and in face future challenges. Registration to each event is ongoing:

18 April – Online – Community of Practice on Monitoring and Evaluation see more in Events section here.

10-11 May – Copenhagen – Community of Practice on Ocean Governance (together with the learning strand on Ecosystem-based Approach) see more in Events section here.

23 May – Brest – Community of Practice on “Data Sharing, Information and Communication Technology Serving MSP, yes, right before the European Maritime Days! see more in Events section here.

13-15 June – Helsinki – Community of Practice on Ecosystem-Based Approach in MSP jointly with Community of Practice on Sustainable Blue Economy and with support of the MSP4BIO project and EUSBSR Policy area Spatial Planning, see more in Events section here.

Prepared by  Margarita Vološina (VASAB Secretariat) April, 2023