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Few more occasions to get to know eMSP NBSR project team and achievements

The eMSP NBSR project ran from 2021 to 2024 and brought together MSP planners, experts and stakeholders from the North Sea and Baltic Sea regions. Urgent emerging topics were considered in so-called communities of practice. The aim was to help implement MSP in the various countries with considerable attention to climate change and European Green Deal themes. Project’s Inception phase was carried out during COVID19 pandemic and mainly remotely what added challenges for project teams to take shape quicker, however all milestones were met and upcoming two years work passed in cooperative spirit.

Now as the final results are here and the first broader discussion took place at the final conference it also felt that in the gained momentum it would be good to organise several more events to disseminate and popularise findings among stakeholders. Gladly this idea received positive acceptance from the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency and the eMSP NBSR project received extension period until July 2024. Main tasks during this period will be related to various dissemination activities and events, see our Events page.

One of the major events where eMSP NBSR will take past is the European Maritime Day 2024 – where workshop “eMSP in a nutshell” will be organised, exhibition booth will be installed and many project partners will be open for meetings and discussions. Register before May 10 here and definitely join our workshop in Svendborg!

Prepared by Margarita VoloŇ°ina (VASAB Secretariat) March, 2024