eMSP NBSR to co-organise presentations and workshops on Sustainable Blue Economy within BlueForum/BlueWeek2023 (by MARIN)

eMSP NBSR was invited to co-organize one day of the BlueWeek2023 at Palma de Mallorca, Balearic islands, Spain.

The BlueForum is an initiative of MARIN (Maritime Research Institute from the Netherlands) to promote the smart and sustainable use of environment in the maritime sector, from energy to transport. The main objective is to bring together the actors that will enable an efficient implementation of the energy transition. Those actors are the industry, the research institutes and universities, the authorities.

During the BlueWeek on Thursday 20th of April, eMSP NBSR together with MARIN organises a full day with presentations and workshops around Sustainable Blue Economy.

The focus will be on the three pillars of Sustainable Blue Economy (food, nature and energy) and more specifically how these transitions can come together by means of multi-use. On behalf of the Learning Strand Sustainable Blue Economy (of the eMSP project) the Maripark will be presented as example for multi-use. With this event the aim is to share the knowledge and the ideas on Sustainable Blue Economy between the Balearic Islands specifically and the North Sea (& Baltic Sea).

More information, programme and registration for participation (in person or remotely): The Blue Forum

Prepared by Marjoleine Karper (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) & Margarita VoloŇ°ina (VASAB Secretariat) April, 2023