eMSP NBSR Project Day June 16 & 17, 2022

Right before the Midsummer eMSP NBSR project partners met in the Netherlands for several reasons and not the least to finally meet face to face for the first time after mostly digital inception phase.

In the morning of June 16, Community of Practice (CoP) on Sustainable Blue Economy held meeting among various experts to explore more of a concept maripark for aquaculture – potential areas of future maritime spatial plans (MSP) designated to offer a specific status and secure legal framework for investors and not the least carefully designed and controlled nature-inclusive multi-use of valuable and fragile marine environment. In short, creation and development of sustainable blue economy.

Meeting also launched a case study development path to be concluded in the end of 2023 with the Blueprint of a maripark and recommendations on its possible implementation in maritime spatial plans.

Meeting was organised by the Blue Cluster.

Read and follow Sustainable Blue Economy learning strand of eMSP NBSR project here.

Save the date for Community of Practice on Sustainable Blue Economy – the 30th of November in Den Haag, Netherlands (for more info click here).




In the afternoon of June 16, eMSP NBSR project partners met:

🔗 to update each other on and across work packages and activities about achievements until now and steps ahead

🔗 to discuss and get inspired on how to work with the EU Green Deal within and across the all five learning strands of the project

🔗 to reflect on the method of Community of Practice

and not the least 🔗 to talk and to take a picture together!Project partners at the Hook of Holland


Next Project Day is planned for September 6 & 7, 2022 in Åland.




On June 17 eMSP NBSR project partners were kindly invited and welcomed at the Blue Life & Ocean Energy Workshop: The Future North Sea – A Balanced Powerhouse. CoP North Sea and many experts and specialists from various fields met to present and discuss if energy, food and nature are only competitors for space in the North Sea.

The North Sea is on the one hand already  an important source of energy and food, and on the other hand also largest nature reserve. At the same time communities living around and with it are getting increasingly more dependent on it. So how and to what extent balance between all stakeholders interested and involved can be agreed?

Interaction among participants was well balanced with presentations and discussions on many themes including:

  • new business model for the North Sea
  • impact and mitigation of wind farms on birds and bats
  • installation with a nature-inclusive perspective
  • realisation of a Maripark
  • alternatives for renewable energy –  floating solar, wave and tidal
  • seaweed as a resource
  • green shipping and emission-free wind parks

Such a thematic coverage was specifically insightful interesting for the Baltic branch of the eMSP NBSR project which unites partners from North Sea and Baltic Sea regions daily working with Maritime Spatial Planning issues.


Workshop was organized by Community of Practice North Sea (CoP North Sea), TKI Wind op Zee, and MARIN.

Information about the workshop:


Update: The after movie, presentations and videos of 10th edition of the Blueweek can now be found online at the website:



Prepared by Margarita Vološina (VASAB Secretariat) June, 2022