Sustainable blue economy

Discussing actual policy input to realise alternative ocean energy in a MariPark

On February 23, the Learning Strand on Sustainable Blue Economy (SBE)  of  eMSP NBSR project and it’s Community of Practice lead by Blue Cluster and RVO had their online follow-up meeting on the theme of alternative ocean energy in a MariPark.

Participants discussed Marine Spatial Planning as an instrument for promoting alternative ocean energy and multi-use and enjoyed the rich presentations about ‘Lessons learned on multi-use of offshore wind farms’ (Gerard Harder, ENECO), ‘Setting the scene with the eMSP project, summary of the previous CoP meeting’ (Kinnie De Beule, Blue Cluster), ‘Reflections on the CoP learnings and solutions for MSP’ (Patrycja Enet, European MSP Platform, Aktis Hydraulics) and ‘How to realise a multi-use energy park: Learnings from policy discussion on multi-use energy parks’ (Benjamin Lehner, DMEC).

After the coffee break discussions continue on the actual policy recommendations urgently needed for renewable ocean energy and multi-use based on statements regarding legislation, procedures and spatial planning (RVO & Blue Cluster) – for an existing wind park, a new tender (integrated area) and compact energy farms.

Thanks to all expert speakers and the active participants for joining the online discussion that has followed. Now back to working on the feedback (report) and actual policy input. To be continued!

Full report of the Community of Practice Energy  will be available HERE soon.

This Community of Practice (CoP) is organized as part of the eMSP NSBR project (Emerging ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning topics in the North and Baltic Sea Regions) and focuses on the learning strand ‘sustainable blue economy’. We invite several experts from the North Sea and Baltic Sea regions to develop a strong community around the development of sustainable blue economy and marine spatial planning as a potential driver.

Information on the upcoming event is HERE.

Prepared by Kinnie De Beule (De Blauwe Cluster VZW), & Margarita Vološina (VASAB Secretariat) March, 2023