eMSP NBSR: Emerging ecosystem-based Maritime Spatial Planning topics in North and Baltic Sea Regions

eMSP NBSR project...

brings together national and regional authorities responsible for MSP, research organisations and intergovernmental cooperations from North and Baltic Sea Regions. 

eMSP NBSR project considers European Green Deal...

addressing climate change and achieving climate-neutrality targets overarching topics to be addressed in MSP. 

eMSP NBSR project builds upon...

Communities of Practice: a model which is based in creating forums for policymakers, practitioners and researchers to discuss important MSP topics in key thematic areas.


eMSP project aims to:

  • Support coherence of maritime policy and maritime spatial plans in North and Baltic Sea Regions;
  • Support continued development of MSP to identify and address present and future challenges;
  • Develop capacity of responsible authorities to be better equipped to address these challenges;
  • Assist Baltic and North Sea countries to establish a structure for cross-border collaboration and learning;
  • Provide practical solutions and recommendations in relation to the most urgent emerging topics (project learning strands), identified by partners as: ocean governance, ecosystem-based management, sustainable blue economy, monitoring and evaluation of MSP, and the future of data technology;
  • Identify key areas for future work in MSP.

eMSP NBSR will result in a project mechanism that supports maritime spatial planners to jointly develop approaches for MSP in the implementation phase of MSP and takes on board the ambitions of the policy implications from the European Green Deal and other EU initiatives. 


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